100 DAYS

Dear Friend,

Yesterday I addressed more than 700 Long Beach residents and community leaders at the Convention Center to mark my 100th day in office. It was an incredible honor to be able to speak to so many people who love Long Beach and are as committed as I am to making our city the best it can be.

The speech I delivered focused on six key areas that I will be focusing on to move Long Beach forward: A responsible budget, economic development, education, a sustainable and livable city, technology and innovation, and engaged government. By working hard on these issues, we will create Long Beach 2.0 – a true city of the future.

In my first 100 days, we’ve already accomplished so much, including passing a sound budget, creating and staffing the Economic and Property Development Department, re-imagining our technology department as the Technology and Innovation Department, appointing 61 new citizen commissioners, rolling out a community review process for the new civic center, and meeting with every single city department.

And, in one the most important initiatives I’ll undertake, we’ve signed on the city as a full partner with our school district, community college, and state university in the Long Beach College Promise, which we are expanding to include a goal of universal preschool and doubling the number of internship in the city for Long Beach students. Education is the single most important investment we can make in a strong, prosperous economy.

And we are just getting started.

I am extremely optimistic about Long Beach. We have the people, the educational institutions, the artistic and cultural assets, and the location to make us an internationally known destination for tourism, business, technology, green industries, arts and entertainment. We have a young and forward-thinking city council, an incredibly diverse community, and so many creative, passionate residents. As I told the audience at the Convention Center yesterday, Long Beach has turned a corner, and our best days are just ahead.

I want to thank the sponsors of the 100 day luncheon as well as the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. I also want to thank the Junior Chamber and the Associated Students, Inc. for helping out the event together. And I’m proud to say that all proceeds from this event will go to benefit those two organizations, including providing funds for college scholarships from Associated Students.

Thank you to everyone who came out to listen yesterday. And for those who weren’t able to attend, you can see a video of the entire speech at:


In about another 100 days, I’ll deliver the State of the City address, and I will have much more good news to share. Until then,

Go Long Beach!

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