Dear Friend,

Today, I announced a collaboration between the City of Long Beach, our Water Department, and the Aquarium of the Pacific to enhance and expand our City’s efforts to conserve water.

As you all know, California is facing our worst drought in many years, and conditions currently show no signs of real improvement. While the City of Long Beach has done an outstanding job of conserving water, not only are we going to have to continue these efforts indefinitely, but we have to do even more.

That’s why the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners has declared a Stage 1 Water Supply Shortage, which includes a two-day per week watering schedule — watering only on Mondays and Thursdays — until the end of March 2015. Residents will be able to return to three-day per week landscape watering from April 1 to September 30.

And I’ve asked the City Manager to examine every use of water by the City to see where we can cut back, including our fleet services, in parks, and inside City Hall.

We’re also announcing the use of a new hashtag: #SaveWaterLB. Anytime anyone posts information about water scarcity and water conservation, I want to ask that you use this hashtag to draw attention to these extremely important efforts. We must all keep water conservation in our awareness and work hard to save every possible drop. The situation really is that serious.

I want to thank our Water Department, our Water Commission, and our partners at the Aquarium for their leadership. And I want to thank our residents and businesses for doing so much to conserve water — and for continuing your efforts going forward. We have to continue to lead the way on water conservation — and I am confident we will.

Go Long Beach!

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