A Blueprint for the New Economy

Dear friend,

Jobs & Economic Development have to be a top priority for the next Mayor. Earlier today I released my economic blueprint for the city. The plan is entitled Making Long Beach Work: A blueprint for the new economy. The plan highlights the accomplishments the city has made in the last 5 years and outlines my plan to grow the local economy in the future.
The next Mayor of Long Beach needs to provide visionary economic leadership for our city. Responsible fiscal management and business growth will provide the resources we need to keep our neighborhoods safe and fix our aging streets and sidewalks. The plan focuses on 1) Fiscal & Economic Stability, 2) Port Growth & Stability, 3) The Silicon Valley of the South, 4) A Blue & Green Economy, 5) Fostering A Creative Economy, 6) Good Jobs & Good Wages, 7) College or Career for Everyone, and 8) Red Tape to Results.

I want to thank the business leaders, small business owners, and workers who have shared their ideas with me over the last couple of months.  I want to especially thank Dr. Mike Walter, former Dean of the College of Business at CSULB and former Harbor Commissioner for his insight and support.

I hope you share your ideas with me and send me your thoughts.

Go Long Beach,

Vice Mayor Robert Garcia


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