A Great Day for Equality, Freedom and Love

Today, in a historic victory for equality, freedom and love, the United States Supreme Court affirmed the Constitutional right to marriage equality. In all 50 states, same-sex marriage will now be recognized legally. I couldn’t be prouder of our country today.

Millions of Americans – including myself and my partner, Matt – now have the same rights that have long been enjoyed by everyone. This is especially exciting for the City of Long Beach, with our strong LGBT community. While we have long supported equality, and while California has had the right to marriage equality for 2 years, today’s decision means that all Americans will have their marriages honored no matter where they live.

Just as important, this decision sends a message to the whole world that the United States – the leader of the free world, the birthplace of modern democracy, and the engine of the international economy – has fully embraced marriage freedom and equality.

I want to thank the five justices who delivered the majority opinion in this case, and I especially want to thank all the courageous activists and leaders, known and unknown, who have struggled so long towards this day.

I invite you to celebrate with me and with our community today at 5:30  in our Civic Center Plaza, where the Center has planned a rally to mark this historic occasion.

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