Calling all employers

One of my first actions as Mayor was to announce the expansion of the Long Beach College Promise to include the goal of doubling the number of internships in the city. We are now in the process of recruiting employers to provide those internships, and we need your help.

HIRELB.COM is a website operated by our Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network, and provides a way for local employers to connect with local job-seekers and students looking for internships.

This is an important part of our efforts to double the number of internships for Long Beach students, and to keep our local economy strong and growing.

I am asking everyone who owns or manages a business, non-profit, or any other organization to visit HIRELB.COM today and learn about how you can work with PGWIN to provide internships to students in Long Beach. Not only will you be able to put an ambitious young person to work supporting your work, you’ll be helping create a brighter future for our city. PGWIN will not only help create a network of employers who can provide internships, and help prepare them to create a great experience for interns, they will also work with our educational institutions to ensure students are ready to work and learn.

We’re off to a great start, and I hope everyone will share the HIRELB.COM link with friends, family and your social networks, so anyone looking for interns, or employees, knows about this service that our city provides.

Internships create a link between education and employment that will strengthen our city and create a well-prepared workforce for the future. If you are seeking work, or if you own or manage an organization with employment or internship opportunities, I please visit HIRELB.COM and see what we have to offer.

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