Crime Rate in 2014 Lowest in 42 Years!

Today, we got great news for our City. Based on preliminary data, Long Beach ended 2014 with the lowest number of violent crimes in 42 years.  Compared to 2013, violent crime decreased 3.2%, with a 17.8% decrease compared to our 5-year average, including murders dropping more than 30%.

In fact, we had the lowest number of reported murders since we started keeping track 45 years ago. And, 95% of the murders were solved by our police.

Property crime also dropped, by 4.8%, a 3.8% decrease from the 5-year average. And the Total Part 1 Crime reduction was 4.6% compared to last year, and 6.3% less than the 5-year average.

This ongoing reduction in crime reflects the City's unwavering commitment to public safety. Reducing crime is a priority for the entire City, especially our Police Department and its dedicated employees.

I want to thank and congratulate our Police Chief, Robert Luna, and all our men and women in blue for keeping us safe and working so hard to protect our city. And our best days are yet to come!

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