Thank You - Our Water Usage Is At 60 Year Low

Dear Friend,

This week we have one more reason to be proud of our city’s exemplary Water Department and our residents.

I’m proud to share with you that Long Beach water usage has reached its lowest level in 60 years. This is extremely important news, as current drought conditions continue to challenge all of California to use water wisely. By bringing water usage in our city down to this historic low, even as our population has grown and our economy has expanded, Long Beach is providing leadership for the entire state and the region.

Our Water Department has worked hard to conserve, encouraging everyone to use less water, and residents and businesses have responded. We should be very proud not just of our Water Department, the Water Commission, which has always been a tremendous asset to the City, but of ourselves. It isn’t easy to reduce water usage, but Long Beach is a role model in conservation, and I know we will continue to be responsible and smart with this most precious resource.

Our entire community has contributed to the water conservation efforts, with the city using reclaimed water whenever possible, restaurants refraining from offering water unless requested, home owners installing native plant beds instead of water-intensive lawns, and everyone remembering to minimize water use any way they can.

Water conservation must continue, as there is no sign of an end to this drought. We are fortunate that the Long Beach Water Department has consistently done an outstanding job of delivering clean water to Long Beach residents and leading the way on important conservation efforts. For that I want to thank them personally. And for your efforts to conserve water, thank you.

Go Long Beach

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