The Bridge of the Future

Dear Friend,

Today we began major construction on one of the most important public projects to happen in Long Beach for a generation. The Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement will not only transform our city’s skyline with a new and beautiful modern structure, but will also vastly improve our cargo operations by enabling the largest ships in the world to access our port’s berths.

The new bridge is a $1.3 billion dollar project, and is funded entirely by the port, the county, and the state and federal governments. The project is expected to generate 3,000 jobs annually for the four years it takes to build the new bridge and demolish the old one, and the more than one-billion dollars spent on the project should generate about two-billion dollars in economic activity for the region.

The bridge will be one of the tallest in the country, visible from many miles away. It will have an attractive lighting design, protected bike lanes, and two 515-foot towers with a contemporary cable-stayed design. It will truly be an iconic sight.

I want to thank our Harbor Department for keeping the project moving forward in a timely and responsible manner. 

It’s not often a project of this importance comes along, and I look forward to its completion. 

Go Long Beach!

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