The Port is Back

I just received some great news from our Harbor Department. Just 60 days after terminal operators reached an agreement with the longshore workers’ union, the ship vessel back-up is completely over. At the peak of the congestion about a month ago, there were 28 container ships bound for the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles waiting at anchor in the harbor. Now we’re back to normal operations at both ports.

At the height of this crisis a couple of months ago, we were aggressively working with our numerous business partners and customers to keep them updated and reassure them that we would get our port operations back on track. I personally traveled to Europe with our port commissioners and staff and met with the heads of the three largest shipping lines in the world to lay out our plan. 

Now that we have caught up ahead of schedule, the products coming into our country from overseas can get to their destinations in a timely manner. And there will be greatly reduced emissions from idling ships. Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, we will have cleaner air and a stronger economy.

This positive outcome is the result of the efforts of many people and organizations, and I want to thank them for their perseverance during several difficult months of labor negotiations and logistical challenges.

First and foremost, the Pacific Maritime Association and the International Longshore Workers Union brought negotiations to a conclusion. Our Congressional delegation, and local elected officials, as well as Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez, pushed for a solution. And the leadership at both the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles was exemplary during the negotiations, and has continued to provide excellent guidance since the settlement was reached, working with management and the union to ensure that ships are moved to dock and unloaded as quickly as possible.

Our use of cutting-edge technology means we are the most efficient and the most sustainable place on Earth to move goods. And despite the challenges of earlier this year, we’ve recovered quickly, and are back at full speed. In fact, we had the busiest March in our history, and expect more growth in the coming months.

Our Port complex is the best in the world.

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