The Press-Telegram Endorses Our Campaign

Dear friend,

The Long Beach Press-Telegram has endorsed our campaign for Mayor. This adds to the incredible momentum that is powering us to the finish line. The Press-Telegram joins the Long Beach Register Newspaper in endorsing our vision for Long Beach. 

In their editorial, the Press-Telegram said, “He has the drive and ability to build coalitions needed to bring the city together. His time on the council has grounded him in dealing with employee unions and difficult calls on reforming pensions.” 

As Mayor, I will continue to provide economic leadership for our city. We have gone from budget deficits to a budget surplus and from pension spiking to pension reform. In addition, we have increased our reserves and have begun to pay down our unfunded liabilities. We are turning the corner to better economic times, but there is still work to do. 

The editorial said, “Just as there are moments in people’s lives, there are times in the life of a city that can define a path for decades to come. Long Beach is at one of those junctures. How the city moves forward will largely rest on the next mayor.” 

The Long Beach Press-Telegram joins a rapidly growing list of support from throughout the city, including business leaders and grassroots activists who share my vision for the future of Long Beach. I am thankful for their support.

Go Long Beach,

Vice Mayor Robert Garcia

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