Welcome Councilmember-Elect Daryl Supernaw

I want to congratulate Councilmember-Elect Daryl Supernaw and his family for his big win and election to the Long Beach City Council. He ran a very successful and positive campaign to represent his neighbors and the entire 4th District community. I've had a chance to speak to Daryl since his win and he is ready to get to work. He clearly loves Long Beach and has some great ideas for our city.

I also want to thank Herlinda Chico, a friend I have known for many years, and Richard Lindemann for running for office. Campaigns are tough, and it's great to see people engaged and committed to representing their community. They both care greatly about our city.

One thing I love about our democracy is our ability to come together after elections and support the winner. It's important that the entire 4th District community and city give our full support to Daryl and his team as they transition into office.  I know that the City Council is ready to welcome him as a colleague, and we look forward to having full representation from all nine City Council Districts.

Congratulations again to the Councilmember-Elect.

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